Treehouse Platform Structure

This is where I’ll be sharing building the initial structure to hold the treehouse.


Please come back soon!



The Ships Ladder

Inspired by Treehouse Masters, I decided this would be the best way to have up and down strength with as little incline as possible. This thing is a beast.  I’ve used 2 4×6 beams with another 2 beams.  It looks oddly timber-heavy, but I know these trees grow fast up and out, so I thought a structural support that could change with time would make sense.  As it grows and the treehouse begins to list away from the tree, I can redo the ladder and add steps, effectively extending this structural element.  It won’t be a quick adjust, but it’ll be easier than rebuilding everything.  Probably won’t take more than an hour per adjustment.


The Deck

I’m building the deck using 2 passive 10+ feet 4×6 pieces of treated wood.  They jut out like a V and are attached via very heavy hardware and a tab.  Where the tree was topped off, it looks as though it isn’t growing again from that area, and it must have happened over a year ago at least.  Branches are growing around it but not from the stumps.  So, using a clear tube with water in it, I’ve leveled off every stump to be at the same height. Then Cut grooves into each stump to help support the beams.

Getting the beams up in the tree was HARD. Keeping them up as I secured them was harder.  I should have asked for help, but I was dead set on doing it myself.  I used ratchet straps and bunji cords to keep things in place while I attached hardware.  more soon.


Here are some things I need to get done (personal notes. If you’re reading this, you’re early to the site!) :

  • Intro to video and first video
  • google search console
  • This post – add video and photos


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