Traveling Europe with Kids

What is the ROCO Project?

 Rocking Our Children’s Outlook!


These travel plans have been in place for around 18 years. Over the span of 3.5 months (104 days), we’ve taken 18 flights, 6 car rentals, 14 trains, endless buses/taxis/taxis/subways/Ubers, and 9 boats across 9 European countries.


The BERGS are currently back in: Maui, Hawaii

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Zakynthos and Peligoni Club

Zakynthos and Peligoni Club

We’d just come off a week through the Greek Islands on a catamaran, and staying at a beach club didn’t sound half bad. With building expectations, we were excited to spend time on land enjoying the beauty, food, and people of Greece.

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Europe with kids for 104 Days

ROCO Europe map
Saronic Islands Greece with kids

Saronic Islands Greece with kids

When friends ask us what our favorite part was on our Europe trip with kids across 9 countries, sailing in a catamaran through the Saronic Islands is first to mind.

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Athens Greece with kids – 2 Days

Athens Greece with kids – 2 Days

Here we share the limited experiences we had in the short time before and after going on our week-long boat trip through Greece.  We had a day before and after, and we took full advantage of the little time in Athens we were afforded. 

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Tuscany and Florence, Italy with Kids

Tuscany and Florence, Italy with Kids

My first trips to Italy 20+ years ago left me underwhelmed. Heat & Crowds turned me off. This trip, however, changed my opinion of what I now see as one of my favorite countries on Earth: ITALY!

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Montmartre Paris with Kids – 2 Weeks

Montmartre Paris with Kids – 2 Weeks

We’ve stayed at his flats in the past, but it was always just 3-5 days in Paris (and never with kids.) Traveling back to France after an 18-year break from Europe, we were itching to explore one of our favorite cities again.

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Richelieu France – 5 Days

Richelieu France – 5 Days

Our only exposure to Richelieu was a lunch 20+ years ago, so we were excited to spend some quality time in this old city after our stay in Geneva with kids.

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Geneva Switzerland with Kids

Geneva Switzerland with Kids

I’ve shared some of our favorite things to do in Geneva with kids, within surrounding areas, and tips and tricks we’ve learned over the years and during this recent 2-week trip.

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Maui Hawaii

Maui Hawaii

I’ll be documenting each part of our crazy trip coming up, and I thought sharing packing and prepping would be fun. 

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Hanoi Vietnam

Hanoi Vietnam

We went to Vietnam on a whim knowing we’d spend over 60 total hours traveling on our 7 day trip. Crazy? A little bit. Worth it? Absolutely.

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Who are we?

When we formulated this massive trip, we were just 2 married couples without children. We’re all somewhat experts in our respective professions. I am the web designer and internet marketing expert. My wife is a professional photographer. Our friends are: a school teacher/author that has a doctorate in education and her husband is a business wizard (visit the Scoggin’s ROCO Itinerary and updates). Between us, we have skills perfectly matched for what we plan to undertake.


Our Plan

Expose young minds to the wonders of the world!

Our goal for each couple was to have 2 kids each, and when they hit the ages between 8-11, we would travel around the world for a year. It was too lofty, with school and work, so we’ve decided to do 3.5 months instead.


Our Goal

Share our collective insight

We want to present our ever-changing world to our children first-hand in the most honest light. We will be sharing our experiences here through stories, photos, and videos with friends and family.



ROCO Manifesto


Our ROCO world is NOT about empty promises, unfulfilled goals, and what could have been. WE live for today, growing and building for the future, in order to have outstanding lives, extraordinary experiences, and lasting memories.

We are ROCO.

ROCO stands for Rocking Our Children’s Outlook, and we plan on doing just that. Our goal is to provide a unique and early perspective for our children that offers diverse insight into our changing world.


If you have to ask this, you don’t have children. All 4 of us had been given at least a small glimpse of the world at a young age that changed us forever. We plan on giving an even larger glimpse to ours. Our expectation is that our children will begin life with a better understanding of our planet and its cultures than most are fortunate enough to enjoy. We then hope that they can illustrate this understanding by living with an additional zeal for life and by sharing their experiences with others. Perhaps we can begin a domino affect to change our world for the better… Even if in the smallest, yet still meaningful way. Time will tell; this is why we began our project before our children were even born.

Our project loosely began in 2008 over cocktails, dancing, and bright excited chatter. We spoke of children that were still twinkles and adventures that hadn’t been conceived. It was everything you’d expect from 20-something couples… Only we were entering our 30’s. Our age was not a disadvantage because NOW we’re able to act upon our urges with effectiveness.

We are 4 individuals built for such an experiment. Between us, we possess every attribute needed to create a successful and deeply impactful world experience for our children. An experience that we will then share with family and friends.

The ROCO children will live bigger and stronger than we ever did. With our help, your children will take their lead when joining us by following each discovery we make.

Almost everything we do will be shared with videos, photos, and regular blogging. We intend to share the triumphs of every winning experience as well as the trials of each failure.

Adults often don’t give their children enough credit. Remember when you were a child? When adults would speak around you as though you didn’t understand them? Remember how much insight you gained into situations you weren’t meant to be privy to?

We do.

Of course, we’ll never put our children into excessively dangerous situations, but we trust them enough to make their own decisions on whether they want to approach a task. Our children’s safety will never be put in jeopardy, though were more willing to take risks in experimenting with their education. In the few years I enjoyed living abroad as a young child, I learned a lifetime of truths about myself and about human nature. We hope the same insights will be available for our children through this process. In every circumstance, we intend to challenge our kids, but we’ll never push them too hard. Nothing good comes from under-estimating a child. We plan on offering opportunities to them, and God willing, they’ll take them.


Here are some of the Countries I’ve visited:

( I really ought to put them together by Continent and share a little about each one.  Ex. I’ve been to Mexico more than I can count.) 

USA – Live here now

United Kingdom – lived for 2.5 years













South Korea

French Polynesia




Costa Rica

El Salvador