No Sugar, Daily Exercise

My next challenge starts today!  No processed sugar (minimal fruit with low sugar), and daily exercise of at least 30 minutes.  I’m also throwing in no booze, because my body treats it like sugar.


We just got back from the Big Island (1/2 work, 1/2 play), and we ate out for the majority of the time.  Though some of the food was really good, none of it was organic, very little local, and not healthy. I need a major sugar detox.  And, we didn’t exercise enough.  Time to see how I feel after 21 days!

And it begins!

  • April 1st – The first big change is no more sugar in my morning coffee.  I usually add maple syrup.  Now it’s only extra hemp milk.  Did a nice hike in ‘Īao Valley.  And finished the day with the biggest blast of sugar I’ve had in months.  We ate at Duo and our friend Brad brought out the most delicious creme brulee ever.  Couldn’t resist. Tomorrow!
  • April 2nd – Even though I didn’t drink yesterday, I woke up with an ugly hangover from the sugar.  No more.  My back went out too.  So, I’ve done a little cardio, some breathwork, and feel better.  AN IMPORTANT NOTE FOR Q2: Ever since the fires on Maui, things have been really hard.  If you have any connection to the people and land of our islands, you feel it.  For those of us living here, it’s been intensely emotional.  On top of the sorrow and anger comes financial hardship.  We’ve been stressed and exhausted since last summer, and I’m finally feeling optimistic again.  Q2 of 2024 is going to be a healthier, less stressful, more positive quarter.  Things can’t keep going the way they’ve been.  Seeing great friends at Easter helped reinforce this. We’ve been hibernating and working non-stop for way too long.  Gotta enjoy life again and take care of ourselves and each other.
  • April 3rd – Rower and lunges.  No sugar!
  • April 4th – Body weight circuit.  Still no sugar!  (cutting out sugar is the easy part.)

AND my back went out… Gonna have to extend the duration on this thing.


April 10th – Botched this one severely.  My back is almost 100% again.  I’ll have to redo this thing.


sugar competition

PAST: 2 decades on Maui, 35 years of surfing, 21 countries traveled, and just 1 treehouse built.

PRESENT: Seeking great food, would create art daily if I had endless energy/time, I run 3 businesses, and I put family at #1.  Prepping for the next personal challenge.

FUTURE: I'm most excited catching up and getting ahead with work. We just did 3.5 months of traveling, so no more major travel for a bit.

21 Day Challenges


  • No booze - Cutting out midnight snacking too.
  • No sugar - Nothing processed.  Some fruit is ok.
  • No caffeine - Might add in green tea if headaches occur.
  • No social media - I'll do my best to schedule/delegate work.
  • Heartburn/GERD - Focus on gut repair.
  • EMP Prep - Learn, Prep, Gather for potential EMP attack.
  • No clutter - Each day I'll spend 2 hours culling the cluter, be it on the computer, in closets, the garage, etc...
  • No meat - I might make an exception for fish & eggs...
  • No screentime - TV/movies, phone, social, work?
  • No Dairy - Cut out everything.
  • No Gluten - 100% gluten-free and mostly carb free.
  • Organic - Eat only organic.
  • No Dark Colors - wear only light clothing.
  • Toxic People - Actively delete contacts and remove crap humans.


  • Workout - Daily circuit, swim, surf, or hike.
  • Sleep - Daily bedtime of 9 am with at least 8 hours of sleep.
  • Breath Hold/Work - Daily practice to increase time.
  • Meditate - Daily 20+ minutes of meditation or breath work.
  • Reading - 40+ books read in a year.
  • Videos - Daily editing and publishing.
  • Build - Daily build of a catio.
  • Gratitude Journal - Daily paragraph to page.
  • Surf - Daily surf sessions for 1-hour minimum.
  • Art - Daily artwork of at least 1 hour.
  • Blogging - 1 daily blog post on this site or for work.
  • Ice/Heat - Daily Ice Bath and/or Sauna.
  • Friendship - Daily active time with friends.
  • Water - Only water as liquid intake, 10+ glasses daily.

Please comment below if you’d like to join me on one of these!  


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