Poznań Poland with Kids

During our extensive trip (we just left Copenhagen), we’ve scheduled visits to many familiar places to see family. However, when the chance came up to explore a new destination with old friends, we couldn’t pass it up!

Poznan Poland with Kids

My good friend Przemek, Wes’ exchange student in High School, lives in his home country of Poland. Though he has a 2nd country home in a more touristy area south, I was keen to visit him in his home city of Poznań.

Przemek Remi

Exploring a country isn’t just about visiting tourist hotspots. I was eager to see the real Poland, so we went to his hometown in Poznań to experience everyday life there. I’m truly grateful we did—it was a remarkable experience!


We arrived on a Friday, and after getting a chance to meet his daughters Julia and Sophie along with his wife Aleksandra, we took a walk to their nearby lake for dinner at Rusałka Restauracja for some local dishes. It was a gorgeous day on the pristine Jezioro Rusałka. Everywhere we visited within Poznań felt like the countryside. A really well-laid-out city.

Rusałka Restauracja

The next morning, Przemek and I took a bike ride through forests, along lakes, and to the center of town. I followed Przemek around and could see why he loves this place. It has all the conveniences of a big city but feels like country. Then our Polish family surprised us with a one-day trip to Berlin Germany!

Biking Poznan

bike Poland

Treehouse Line

Berlin Day Trip

As we made the 2-hour drive, we passed many man-made forests and impressive ecological bridges (bridges built over the highway JUST for wildlife crossings!)

Berlin with Kids

In Berlin, we walked to several sites, including along what remains of the Berlin Wall, the Fernsehturm (Berlin TV TOWER), and even Check Point Charlie. Przemek shared the not-to-distance history of Germany in relation to Poland. Fascinating and intense getting it from someone at the source.

Restaurant & Cafe Ephraims

It was so hot! Luckily we found a great spot for lunch along the Spree River at Restaurant & Cafe Ephraims.


We even walked past Traviworld, which had Trabants: old cars made in East Germany from plastics, cotton, and wool. As we came back, we saw a big gay pride festival. Then we drove back to Poznan, Poland.

Treehouse Line

Lake Party

Julia’s grandparents came and had lunch at the house. They make their own pickles, and Witty was thrilled to try the juice. We then gathered ourselves for what felt like a big party at a much bigger lake. Jezioro Strzeszyńskie had beach areas, parks, spots for ice cream, and even a large inflatable obstacle course on the water.

Jezioro Strzeszyńskie

We had a blast pretending to be kids with the kids (they repeatedly pushed me in.) At one point, Przemek and I swam across the lake. We finished the lake fun with chocolate waffles and playtime at Park Rzeźby Visual Park.

Park Rzeźby Visual Park

Champagne Socialism

Our day ended with dinner, wine, and fun at the house. They explained how the Polish are some of the more open-minded in Europe, seeing that they freely accept Ukrainian refugees. We noticed many groups at enjoying the lake speaking Ukrainian. I always knew they were a warm and kind people, but it was unendingly interesting to hear about how their country is structured, their history, and how they love it in Poland. Poland isn’t technically a socialist country. It operates under a parliamentary republic system with a market-based economy. In 1989, after the fall of communism, they transitioned from Socialism. Today, Poland is a democratic nation with a mixed economy that combines elements of both free market and government intervention. The government regulates certain industries but largely supports and promotes private ownership, entrepreneurship, and business development. Poland is a member of the European Union, which influences its economic policies and regulations. Przemek likes to call it “Champagne Socialism.” And seeing how well they live, I get it.

Treehouse Line

Zamek Cesarski w Poznaniu

The next day, we got a private Castle Tour!!! Przemek managed to get a tour for us when Zamek Palace was closed! There was a legend about a cool white ghost lady who rode a white horse and jumped out of a painting each night!

Zamek Cesarski w Poznaniu

Zamek Cesarski w Poznaniu in Poznań was constructed in 1910 during German sovereignty. The design was crafted by Franz Schwechten and built for Emperor Wilhelm II of Germany, who significantly influenced its architectural decisions.

Biblioteka Kornika

We also saw ancient books and manuscripts within Biblioteka Kornika. Przemek and his daughter Sophie played a very old piano. There was a whole room of old armor and weapons. We also got to go on the roof! This is something no one else gets to do! We had a great view from up there.

Biblioteka Kornika

At lunch, we had this really good traditional Polish soup at Restauracja Biała Dama (in the White Lady’s honor.) Yum! (The soup was made of duck blood, but we didn’t know that till afterward.)

duck blood soup

Treehouse Line

Ostrów Tumski

We then went to Poznan Cathedral. The Archcathedral Basilica of St. Peter and St. Paul, located on the island of Ostrów Tumski near the northeast edge of Poznań’s city center, is Poland’s oldest cathedral and one of its earliest churches. Dating back to the 10th century, this venerable structure is also the most ancient historical landmark in Poznań. After exploring this cute little town, we drank some bread soda and peanut pear soda, which was weird but good.

Ostrów Tumski

At the house, the kids had water fights, we picked delicious berries in their backyard, and we settled down for wine, cheese, and face-timed Wes (and cried laughing, as we usually do.)

last night Poznan

Julia taught Mia how to play a little bit of the violin! She is amazing! It’s beyond impressive all the programs and education the Polish receive. Everyone plays at least one instrument.

violin lessons

We said goodbye to our friends in Poland and headed to Hamburg, Germany, excited to connect with relatives from our ancestral past (whom we had never met before!)





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  1. Kristy

    This is just so incredible. The experience you and your children are getting from this is priceless! Thanks for taking the time to send beautiful photos and blogging about it in such a way, we feel the experience too!

    • Treehouse Dad

      Mahalo Kristy! This was a favorite part. We have about 4 more spots to share from this trip!


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