Copenhagen with Kids

3 Days is an insanely short trip for any city in Europe, but we had to sneak in a Coldplay concert.  Copenhagen has captured our hearts, and its now on our revisit-list!

Though it was short, sandwiched in between Bristol and Poznań, we managed to visit the famous amusement park called Tivoli Gardens, join 50,000 people at Parken Stadium for Coldplay, and eat at numerous mind-blowing Michelin restaurants.  We’ll be back for much longer next time.

3 Days in Copenhagen, Denmark with kids

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Day 1 – Acclimate and Explore Our New Home

Nørrebro District

We’d heard this was a good area for shopping and restaurants, so we booked an AirBnB smack-dab in the middle.  We were walking distance to some incredible spots to eat and explore.  The place was typical European in that it was broken into many tiny rooms, which we think is fun.  The roof top view was great too. The most foreign thing about Copenhagen, we soon find out, is the fact that we’re so far North!  Literally, the sun would come up at 4am and go down around 11ish.  Just wild!

nørrebro district

After settling in, we went for dinner at Yellow.  We’d heard good things about it, and the food didn’t disappoint.  An Uber driver explained it best, in that even though Noma put Copenhagen on the foodie map, they’ve always had amazing food.  Incredible attention to detail, fresh seasonal ingredients, and experimental dishes.  We believe him.

Copenhagen neighborhoods

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Day 2 – Eat/Explore and Concert

Torvehallerne KBH

There are a number of food markets here in Copenhagen, so we decided to hit up Torvehallerne KBH before going to the concert. Torvehallerne KBH is a dynamic food market with over 60 stands. We explored a variety of Danish and international stalls, including fresh seafood, gourmet chocolates, organic fruits, and artisanal cheeses. A highlight was the traditional Danish smørrebrød and freshly baked pastries. The market also offers specialty shops with high-quality ingredients and kitchenware (wish we could bring some back!) Its lively atmosphere and the aroma of freshly prepared foods make it a popular destination for both locals and tourists like us.  The perfect stop before heading to the Coldplay Concert!

Torvehallerne KBH

Coldplay Concert at Parken Stadium

The entire reason for cutting England a little short and heading to Denmark before Poland was to catch one of Coldplay’s shows on their massive European Tour.  It was worth it!  Though we got shafted yet again by StubHub (we had seats much farther down, but for some reason they allow sellers to swap out “comparable” seats in the last second), it was a great show.

Parken Stadium Copenhagen

Witty had challenges with the volume of music and energy about 1/2 way through, but he rallied towards the end and came back out with me for the show.  THey played all their best songs and even played the Danish National Anthem, which the entire crowd of 50,000+ people sang in unison.  CHICKEN SKIN!

Coldplay European Tour

A few things worth noting about Parken Stadium:

  • Getting in was easy.  Each section has it’s own entrance with attendants.  It took us less than a minute to get in.
  • Beer, wine and food are super easy to get.  Each section has multiple areas to get it.  So unlike US stadiums.
  • We booked our stay as close as we could in case we had to leave early for one of the kids.  We’re very glad we did because by the time we left at 1am, we couldn’t find a taxi to save our lives.  I mean, we saw them, but they couldn’t move with the 50,000+ people taking to the streets. We had to walk for 2 miles, of which most of it I had my boy on my back.
  • Bathroom lines for the ladies remain long, like most stadiums, but for the boys, each stairwell has hidden urinal rooms.  No lines!

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Day 3 – Eat/Explore and Tivoli Gardens


Vækst, a Michelin-starred restaurant in Copenhagen, is renowned for its focus on Nordic cuisine with an emphasis on vegetables. The restaurant features an innovative menu that creatively pairs fresh, locally sourced vegetables with meat and seafood. Vækst is distinguished by its intimate, greenhouse-inspired interior, offering a unique dining experience. Known for its high-quality dishes and attentive service, the restaurant has earned acclaim for its modern culinary approach while maintaining a cozy, welcoming atmosphere.

restaurant Vækst

I can’t say enough about this spot.  Michelin star restaurants area everywhere in Europe, especially in Copenhagen.  It was in the top 3 best meals I had during our 3.5 months in Europe, which says a lot.  Everything was exceptional.  The food alone is worth coming back to Copenhagen for a few weeks.

Tivoli Gardens

Tivoli Gardens is one of the world’s oldest operating amusement parks, having opened in 1843 (over 180 years old!) It features a wide range of attractions, including roller coasters, roundabouts, and a variety of other rides, alongside beautifully landscaped gardens, and an open-air stage for live performances.

Tivoli Gardens

Tivoli Amusement Park

The park is famous for its historical architecture and scenic beauty, particularly illuminated at night. Tivoli also offers a variety of dining and shopping options.

Tivoli shopping

The park has inspired many other amusement parks globally, including Disneyland in California. But the inspiration didn’t fully translate, as there are many reasons why Tivoli shines brighter than any amusement park we’ve ever been to.

Tivoli rides

Here are some of the major takeaways from our experience at Tivoli:

  • It’s beautiful.  Gardens is an accurate descripter.  Instead of fake plants and acres of concrete, you literally walk through perfectly manicured gardens from ride to ride.  It’s gorgeous.
  • It’s not crowded.  It’s easy to get in, no wait, and it never felt crowded.  Even in the few lines we waited in, it was only about 10 minutes to get on the best rides.
  • It’s really inexpensive.  Nothing close to what you pay to access US amusement parks.
  • There’s all kinds of things to do, for all ages.
  • The food is incredible. We stopped at one of the restaurants for dinner before heading out expecting over-priced garbage.  I’ve never eaten well at an amusement park.  The prices were reasonable, and the meal was one of the best we’ve had in Europe.  Seriously.  Our waitress was amazing, and we had a great evening.

tivoli restaurant

Treehouse Line

Next to Poznań Poland!

PAST: 2 decades on Maui, 35 years of surfing, 21 countries traveled, and just 1 treehouse built.

PRESENT: Seeking great food, would create art daily if I had endless energy/time, I run 3 businesses, and I put family at #1.  Prepping for the next personal challenge.

FUTURE: I'm most excited catching up and getting ahead with work. We just did 3.5 months of traveling, so no more major travel for a bit.


Europe with kids for 104 Days

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