Uluwatu – Bali, Indonesia

Uluwatu – Bukit Bali Indonesia

Uluwatu is an area of peace, beauty, and world-class waves. This area is much slower than what you would expect in Kuta, but that’s one of the main reasons to visit or stay in Uluwatu.
If you’re in search of picture-perfect white sand beaches, beach barbecues, excellent surfing, and world-class cultural experiences with a view, you can’t miss this popular area of Bali.

Uluwatu Bali Sunset


Why You Should Visit/Stay In Uluwatu

  • Uluwatu Temple sunset ceremony
  • Jungle hiking
  • Relax at Blue Point
  • Endless left-hand waves
  • An array of gorgeous beaches
  • Cliffside beach and sunset views

Uluwatu Bali Activities


What To Do In Uluwatu

  • Surf! While not for beginners, Uluwatu offers some of the best waves in Bali. Head to Uluwatu Beach, Padang Padang, Balangan, Bingin, and Blue Point (aka Suluban Beach) for the best results. (see Surfing in Uluwatu for more)
  • Relax. Private beaches at Karma Kandara and Finn’s Beach Club offer calmer ocean conditions and even SUP or kayaking during high tide. The entrance fee, typically around 250,000 IDR per person, includes a food and drink credit, as well as access to sun beds and equipment. Pro tip: get here early, and stay for sunset!
  • Enjoy a seafood barbecue at Jimbaran Bay. If you like the idea of fresh fish under the stars, grab a taxi or take a short motorbike ride to Jimbaran Bay, where beachside restaurants are a dime a dozen!
  • See the Kecak Fire Dance! Held daily at 6 pm at Uluwatu Temple, Kecak is based on the Hindu story of the Ramayana and includes chanting, exquisite costumes, and a dramatic dance performance, not to mention excellent views of the sunset.
  • Spend an afternoon or evening at Blue Point. With nearly unbeatable views of the surfers below, this is an excellent spot to enjoy an ice-cold Bintang, listen to music, and have a meal with friends or family while enjoying panoramic views of the Indian Ocean. We love the Single Fin deck during evening hours!
  • Live large. If you can afford to splurge on accommodations, this is one of the best areas of the island to do it! Resorts in Uluwatu regularly push the envelope for world-class design, comfort, food, and amenities, and views from the many world-class infinity pools are truly stunning.

Uluwatu Bali Recreation


Where To Stay In Uluwatu

Puri Uluwatu Villas

Uluwatu Bali Villas


The Property

The property is ideally located in front of the world-famous surf break of Uluwatu. It has private stairs and entry to the break. This is really nice when you want to quickly check the surf or grab a cocktail at a warung.

The pool is warm and has views of the ocean. The whole property is nestled in and above the jungle making it very private and exotic. You can hear the waves and the birds at all times.

Uluwatu Bali Trees


The Owners & Staff

Staying at the Puri Uluwatu Villas is a very private experience, but at the same time, it has a family atmosphere. Originally from California, the owner Steve is one of the most accommodating people you’ll meet. He and the staff are very good at helping you understand the local customs, explaining the area, and giving you a heads-up when the surf is going to be optimal.


The Honeymoon Cottage

The room we usually stay in is the Honeymoon Cottage. It has ocean views and quick access to the private path and the pool. The ceilings are high and the room and bathroom are very big.

Uluwatu Bali Honeymoon Villa


The 360 Tower

The Tower offers 360-degree views of Bali. You’ll be the first one to know what the waves are doing in the morning. It has a large bedroom and living room below. Access to the bedroom is by a steep ladder, so keep that in mind.

Uluwatu Bali 360 Tower


The Main House

The main house has many rooms and offers a more family-style atmosphere with a shared living room area. The largest room up top has a huge balcony with views of the jungle and the surf.

Uluwatu Bali Main House


The Private Villas

There are a couple of other villa rooms available on the property. These don’t have views but are very nice and worth staying in if you’re looking to pay a little less.

Uluwatu Bali Private Villa


Surfing Uluwatu

There’s good reason why Uluwatu has become a world-famous left-hander. Surfing Uluwatu, Bali is a real treat. The water is warm, the waves are fast, long, and hollow, and the view is beautiful.

Uluwatu Surfing Tips:

  • Respect the locals!
  • Shallow Reef! Know where you are.
  • Remember where to go back in.
  • Watch the wave from a Warung first.
  • Be prepared for a late, fast drop.
  • Wear a leash.
  • Wear waterproof, reef-safe sunblock.

Uluwatu Bali Surf Experience

When surfing Uluwatu, the entry to the surf is down between the cliffs and out from the caves. It’s one of the most beautiful entries to the surf you’ll ever experience. Make sure, as you’re paddling out, to look back and make sure you recognize where to go back in. It all blends together from the line-up.

Be careful of the shallow reef as well as the fast drops. It’s a little tricky when dropping in. To better understand the wave, it’s best to watch it from above first. There are 2 locations to watch the surf. The first is up through the cave on a slightly sketchy wood stairway to a viewing platform. The other is at the warungs (cafes) to the right of the caves and surf. You can watch the waves safely with a drink in hand and a nice little meal.

As with any surf break, make sure to be respectful of everyone surfing. Don’t drop in and be courteous. Bali line-ups observe Aloha (much better than in Hawaii.) Spread the Aloha.

The best spot to stay when surfing Uluwatu is the Puri Uluwatu Villas. The villas sit perched up above the surf with great views and private access to the surf trail. You get up, check the waves from your room, and then walk through the jungle straight to the surf. It doesn’t get better than that.

If the waves aren’t optimal, enjoy lunch or breakfast with some cocktails at the villas. Or take a walk down to the warungs (small food shops) or Single Fin to enjoy a cocktail and food directly in front of the waves for some entertainment.

Uluwatu Bali Sun Setting

We hope you enjoy exploring the gorgeous sites of Uluwatu, and make sure to stay tuned for the latest information and happenings in the area! Enjoy the video below from a recent sunset in Uluwatu.

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